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Covid-19 Information

Protecting My Staff Is My Number One Priority
To reduce risk of infection I have made some changes to our normal service. While we are all living with Covid-19 in the UK
Shopping With Us
The Heathfield showroom is now open, but its only a small part of the showroom and I am still encouraging you to give us a ring
to get advice and purchase over the telephone or via our website wherever possible. Reducing contact is still the safest thing to do
and we can offer you a fantastic service over the phone so if you can, please try giving us a call before you make a visit to the store.
We can talk you through options, send links to products on our website and email you all sorts of information to help you choose items.
Coming In To Our Heathfield Store
If you do need to come in to the showroom please wear a facemask if you have one, we really appreciate that.
On arrival please read the signs, use the hand sanitiser at the front door, observe floor markings and try to avoid touching 
things as much as possible. We are only allowing one person OR one couple at a time in the showroom.
Children are not allowed in, sorry.
We now close the doors of the showroom at 4pm to allow for appointments and daily cleaning.
but you can still call us on the phone until 5.30pm
If you would like to view Range Cookers or American Refrigeration you will need to make an appointment first.
Just give us a ring to book in. Please arrive on time, appointments are for 20 minutes. You MUST wear a mask and
gloves to view Range Cookers and American Refrigeration items, this is because you will be in a different area of 
our showroom and in a much closer proximity to my staff. If you do not have this PPE yourself we can supply it at
a small charge of £2 per person. You will not be allowed in without it.
It saddens me to say that since re-opening after lockdown my staff have been subjected to verbal abuse on many 
occasions from visitors to the store who don't like to follow the instructions at the door, they are there to protect my 
staff who are having a constant stream of visitors each day, so please respect the system and keep them safe.
Delivery Service
Our standard delivery service is now a doorstep delivery. 
I am not happy to put two of my staff from different households together for long periods of time in the confined space of a vehicle
so for now our deliveries will be carried out by one person, this means that it will not be possible for large appliances to be 
carried up flights of steps or over very uneven ground.
My delivery person is not allowed to enter customers homes when carrying out doorstep deliveries so 
If you feel you need a different type of service please ring us to discuss.
Old Appliance Collection
Your old appliance must be cleaned prior to our arrival.
You need to disinfect every external surface of your old appliance with antibacterial spray or a solution of bleach.
If your appliance is not ready when my driver arrives he/she will not be able to wait while you clean it.
If your appliance is not cleaned sufficiently my driver will not collect it.
We do not offer a second collection service so you will have to make alternative arrangements for the removal of
you appliance if we are not able to collect at the same time we deliver your new item.
For obvious reasons I am not allowing my very precious staff to handle dirty appliances,
and I am not allowing dirty appliances to be transported in our vehicles or stored at our premises.
So please take the time to give your old appliance a good clean (We don't care about the inside, its just the outside you need to clean)
If you have bought an item for someone else, a tennant, parent, etc. please make sure that you explain the delivery
service they should expect, and make sure they understand they have to get the old appliance ready for collection as detailed.
Many thanks
Lucy Thomas
Company Director