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Electric Hobs

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Electric Hobs are available in several different types.

The most common electric hob type is a standard ceramic hotplate. This is a glass top with individual heating elements beneath the surface, which when turned on will glow red and rapidly heat up.

Also available for electric hobs are sealed plate tops. These particular types are more robust than the glass tops but they are considerably slower at heating up and are also not as easy to control the temperature as the solid metal plates take time to adjust after selecting a different temperature setting e.g. from a high heat to a simmer .

The most advanced and rapid type of electric hobs have induction hotplates. This technology uses electro-magnetic coils beneath the surface of the ceramic glass. By doing this heat is only produced when the (magnetic) pan is placed on the surface. This also means that the only heat on the glass surface is the residual heat from the pan, making it a lot safer for children etc. The other main benefit of induction technology is that it's very rapid in its heating process and even faster than gas and just as responsive!

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Best price guaranteed! Call us on 01435 868586.